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What moral right does Sarkodie have to criticise Akufo-Ado’s govt – Atubiga


Former member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Stephen Atubiga has asked Sarkodie to stay away from issues with regards to governance.

According to him, governance is a serious business that needs a lot of thinking and taking unpopular decisions to ensure that the people you lead are satisfied and that takes a lot to do.

He said unlike Sarkodie’s music that he only needs a beat to produce and get it out there, governance entails a lot and he has to respect that.

His comments come on the back of Sarkodie’s criticism of the current government and the pains Ghanaians have to go through in their own country and the fact that the environment is not enabling enough.

Sarkodie posted while drivers were on a sit-down strike that “The people are going through it !!! We always do !!! All we ask for is the right environment to hustle/ be productive”.

But Atubiga who disagrees with his stance said in a post shared on Facebook.

Read His Post Here

What moral rights does Sarkodie have in governance or knowledge in governmental affairs to be criticizing the president and his government?

Can you imagine this hypocritical stand of this Orbiediee333, Orbiediee333, rapper?

You think running a country is like just getting a beat and starting to sing.

The song goes like this .my own version of Saak’s music.

1st verse

Obiediee333- 1!! Obiediee333 -2 !!!Obiediee333 -3!!!!!! Give me waakye I eat it like pizza and give fufu funnu I drink the abe3nn-kwaiii around it like morning tea.

2nd verse

Obiediee333, 1 obieede333, 2. obieede333,4

obieede333 – pong obiedee33 I said it, I like it, I eat it.

You knowwww. My name is, I name it, you know it,

I tell you, you like it ooooh, ooooh obiede333 pong bieede333.

Music is ready for the market

That is not how governance works my brother.

Just imagine what we all go through in trying to run our homes with the difficulties and unexpected challenges that comes on our way.

Then put your shoes into any government like the Npp, NDC, pnc, Or. The great NLC trying to do the same for us Ghanaians.

Well Sark, I need a Rapp battle with you in the studio. I still like and always love your rapp

flowww. But try me in kusasi Binduri rapp

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