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MUSIGA Presidential aspirants seek new direction for the Union


Bessa Simons, Acting President of MUSIGA is contesting for the presidency Bessa Simons, Acting President of MUSIGA is contesting for the presidency

All three Presidential aspirants of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), have expressed their desire to lead the Union onto a new path if elected into office.

The three candidates at a debate last Saturday, at the Labadi Beach Hotel, agreed that the present condition of the Union was not good enough, hence the need for a new direction.

MUSIGA would go to the polls on January 12, 2022, with Mr. Bessa Simons (Acting MUSIGA President), Madam Deborah Freeman (General Secretary of MUSIGA), and Mr. Ras Caleb Appiah Levi (Greater Accra Regional Chairman for MUSIGA) contesting for the top post.

Mr. Simons indicated in his manifesto that when voted into office, he would initiate a training program to get Ghanaian musicians working with musicians from other countries to help broaden their horizon and also learn from them.

The legendary musician, speaking on what he intended to do to help those at the regional offices, said he would strengthen their offices by providing them with office equipment to help in the smooth running of their day-to-day activities.

He disclosed that digitization was an important initiative hence he would focus on that when given the nod.

According to him, a portal would be created to give musicians the opportunity to register on MUSIGA using their electronic gadgets, registering for copyright, and also registering their songs at Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO).

He said there would be an award scheme for the MUSIGA which would allow

only musicians to vote for their team members without any involvement of a non-musician.

Mr. Bessa hinted at the initiation of an insurance scheme with SIC to help musicians when they are in need adding that the “one musician, one instrument” initiative would also be implemented to help musicians to learn how to play instruments in order to add up to whatever they are doing.

Madam Freeman in her opening remarks said when given the chance to serve as President she would foster unity in the union by engaging all industry players to unite which would aid the promotion of the industry.

She said she would bring back all union members who for one reason have left the group for them to work together to rebuild and maintain the dignity of MUSIGA.

She hinted at establishing the musical national welfare fund to help musicians who might be in need of help someday rather than seeking support from the general public which she described as shameful.

This initiative according to her, would help curb the difficult plight of aged musicians adding that, she would provide cars to regional offices, which would be used for commercial purposes to raise money for the union, and also create offices for regions without one.

Ras Caleb Levi, who is the Greater Accra Regional Chairman was the only aspirant who refused to read his manifesto arguing that his fellow aspirants have poured out everything he had in his manifesto and also poured out the flaws of the past administration of MUSIGA.

According to him, the MUSIGA has failed Ghanaian musicians in terms of helping the union to grow.

“I want the leadership of the union to do something about our constitution” he added.

He concluded by saying when he is voted to power he would correct all the anomalies in the union.

MUSIGA after several years of battling with court injunctions and orders has now been given the go-ahead to elect a new president to replace former President Bice Osei Kuffour popularly known as Obour with new executives to be elated come January 12, 2022.

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