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Minority shamelessly compromised and sold out rejected 2022 Budget


Martin Amidu is former Special Prosecutor play videoMartin Amidu is former Special Prosecutor

Parliament rejected and approved 2022 budget

Majority approves 2022 budget under controversial circumstances

Martin Amidu is former Special Prosecutor

Martin Amidu has accused the Minority in parliament of clandestinely being in bed with the Majority when they could have been asking for the submission of a new budget to the House.

He explained that it is shameful that the Minority seems to be using a smokescreen to blind Ghanaians on exactly what they are about when in actual sense, they, for instance, knowingly absented themselves from parliament on November 30, 2021, to allow for the Majority to overturn the decision of November 26, 2021.

“On 30th November 2021, the Minority in Parliament knowingly absented itself from the sitting of Parliament to facilitate the Majority in Parliament to purport to rescind the decision of a properly constituted Parliament on 26th November 2021 presided over by the constitutionally elected and recognized Speaker of Parliament, the Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin, rejecting the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy laid before Parliament by the Government on 17th November 2021,” he said.

In his latest epistle titled, “The Shameless Compromises of the One-Party Political Elite Against the Ghana Electorate – 2022 Budget,” and made available to GhanaWeb, the former Special Prosecutor lashed out at the Minority, accusing them of making it possible for the Majority to do all that it has done so far with respect to the 2022 budget.

“It is now a matter of incontrovertible public knowledge that the Minority instead of insisting on the submission by the Government of a new 2022 Budget chose to enter an unholy compromise with the Majority and the Minister of Finance under the smokescreen of consensus building on the morning of 30th November 2021 to absent itself from the actual Parliamentary sitting of 30th November 2021.

“This compromise by the Minority with the Majority “to stand in it alone” enabled the Majority to do with the parliamentary decision of 26th November 2021 rejecting the 2022 Budget as the Majority pleased. As anticipated, the absence of the Minority emboldened the Majority to “stand in it alone,” rescind the decision to reject the 2022 Budget on 26th November 2021, and to purport to approve the 2022 Budget at the actual parliamentary sitting of 30th November 2021,” he said.

Martin Amidu also accused the Minority of intentionally overlooking a constitutional blunder that was undertaken by the Majority in parliament.

“But the Majority purported to rescind the rejected 2022 Budget under Order 50 of the Standing Orders of Parliament which both the Minority and Majority knew could not be used to rescind the rejected 2022 Budget. The Minority conveniently and as compromised continues to remain silent over this substantive and procedural illegality,” he accused.

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