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‘I don’t chase women’ – KKD dismisses womanizer label


Kwasi Kyei Darkwah alias KKD Kwasi Kyei Darkwah alias KKD

Kwasi Kyei Darkwa alias KKD, has dismissed talk that he is a serial womanizer explaining that his kind of personality is what endears him to people generally.

“I don’t chase women, I like people. When you genuinely show interest in people, they also reciprocate,” he said on a Citi TV programme, the Upside-Down show.

The self-acclaimed ‘His Royal Blackness’ has in the past spoken about his relationship with the female gender.

He told state-owned GBC Online in early November 2021, “the ladies like civility, culture, excellence and enjoy the finer things in life and I try in everything I do to work towards eloquence, excellence and ladies appreciate that a lot.”

He made the news headlines in December 2014 after he was charged with raping a lady in the restroom of the African Regent Hotel in Accra. The case was dropped after the alleged victim dropped her interest in the matter.

Too many ladies sending me nudes despite my long queue – KKD

In his November interview with GBC, he revealed that he is the subject of harassment from ladies who continually send his naked pictures via his phone.

According to him, he has had to block one of his numbers because of the flood of photos that he receives from some of the women who are refusing to stay off.

“I had to block one of my numbers recently because I was getting too many ladies sending me their naked pictures,” he then said in Twi, “please the ladies doing that should please stop.”

The man known as His Royal Blackness said attempts to draw the attention of these ladies to a possible mistaken target of communication has shown that they knew he was the owner of the number.

“And sometimes I respond by saying that you have sent your photos to the wrong number and they say things like ‘Oh Mr. KKD, specially for you.’ I beg you, my queue is already long, I don’t need those. Medaase,” he stressed.

On the said interview, he discussed a range of issues from music and its promotion through to his fashion taste and sense and matters relating to ladies and what they like.

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