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‘Mad’ Kwame Kyei descends on Kotoko players for losing to ‘koko’ drinking players


Sports News of Tuesday, 25 February 2020

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Executive Chairman of Asante Kotoko, Kwame Kyei play videoExecutive Chairman of Asante Kotoko, Kwame Kyei

Ever heard of Alex Fergusson’s hairdryer treatment of Manchester United players? That’s exactly what Executive Board Chairman of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Kwame Kyei gave to the Kotoko players after their defeat to Division One side Asokwa Deportivo in the MTN FA Cup.

For the few lost souls who have no idea what hairdryer treatment means in football parlance, it is used to describe an angry verbal reprimand, usually delivered by a manager to an individual player or group of players within a dressing room.

Only that in this case, the treatment was handed to the Kotoko players by their Executive CEO and not a player or a coach.

It was close to seven minutes of ‘madness’. Kwame Kyei went on a full tirade, ripping into the Kotoko players for not putting up good performances in recent games.

He held back no words and used the word ‘foo’ ( trash) repeatedly as he conveyed his message of anger and frustration to the players.

For a large part of his stint with Kotoko, he has been cut as a father figure who over-pampers his children but in this 6 minute plus 57-seconds audio which was leaked from a meeting he had with the playing body, he sounded more like a disappointed and bitter dad.

The aim perhaps is to motivate and inspire a reaction from the players who have gone two games without a win but the words used in delivering the message were ‘harsh’.

He ‘can’t think far’ about why a team with the best pay structure on the local scene should be losing to a team that feeds it’s players ‘koko’. In fact, he ‘can’t think madness’.

He threatened them and made them aware that he wouldn’t mind dissolving the playing body if the performance does not witness an upward turn in the next few games.

He questioned their talent, character and passion for the club. He was ‘bonkers’.

In the last few days, there have been claims about ‘juju’ in the camp, he warned that he would sack anyone caught in the act.

It’s something that Kotoko players are not used to but it is surely what they need to wake them up from their slumber.

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